10 Ways to Experience Hof Gorei Beach Resort


The first thing you will naturally experience when you set foot in our pristine white sand, crystal clear waters and spacious wilderness—in the mornings, on your holiday walk on our beach breathing in, that coastal fresh air, you will feel looking best and completely free. As getting out with the setting sun on an empty beach is your sincere embrace of a relaxing solitude.

Hof Gorei beach resort and spa is your one and only true ultimate luxury getaway experience. Speaking of a real sensible vacation, what are the reasons you need to expect when you’re in our care? Essentially, we have all the comforts that you will need and tons of things to do to achieve your well-deserved beach escape. We have spacious comfortable fully air-conditioned rooms with mini bar, balcony and above all your own breathtaking view.

Once again, you may indulge in having the luxury of relaxing in our elevated Jacuzzi, a day at the spa, swimming pool with hydromassage, pool bar, videoke hut, recreational garden, swimming in a colorful sea gardens and venturing out in our vast organic farm.

Our organic farm is one of the educational tours that your children will enjoy the most. A 150-hectare farm that openly supports our community—yes, it’s fresh; it’s healthy and it’s organic. Speaking of fresh picked fruits and vegetables that perfectly goes straight to our kitchen.

Indulge with a Filipino original style of cooking mixed with Asian, American and European cuisine will surely satisfy you’re every distinct sensitive palate. To sum it all up, we are immensely proud of our people that present a world class quality of service for our valued clients. It is time to experience your own authentic way of luxury only at Hof Gorei beach resort Davao City Philippines.