The Affordable Paradise in Samal Island: Hof Gorei

Beach Hotel and Resort Samal Davao Region

Are you having a hard time searching for a perfect paradise island getaway? At the same time, are you are hoping that you will find a perfect paradise like beach resort that would fit with your budget? You don’t need to worry! Your search is over. In Davao city there is this place called Samal island and if you are looking for a place to stay there that has a lush environment and a world class service, Hof Gorei beach resort is definitely the answer.

You might wonder what is extraordinary about this place? Well our resort is secluded and cradled on a slight slope, overlooking a spectacular view of the natural beauty of the sea and mountains. In addition, our resort is blessed with unblemished abundance of natural environment from sea flora and fauna with a lush tropical forest.

According to the fastest thriving online platforms worldwide with listings of hundreds and thousands of hotels around the globe which also provides services in 38 diverse languages, Hof Gorei has rates of 8.0 % based on 397 reviews which is very good and a rating of 7.6 % in terms of the worth of your money. But what really concerns us is to provide the best service for our clients which also to be consistent in enhancing our facilities and taking good care of the natural condition of the environment.

Speaking of the environment, we would like to humbly share with you two of our clients reviews. The first review had the subject, “Great Time” and she said, “Fascinating! Ideal for nature lover. Better plan your escape in this place. I can highly recommend this one 🙂 Hope to come back here again next year. Keep up the good job. See you soon! Hof! Hof! Horrreeeeyyyy!”– from Bree F. Italy.

The second review is from Titarios2011 Makati, Philippines with the subject, “The perfect place to relax and unwind” and he said, “On my 2nd day at the resort I already knew I wanted to extend (had booked for 2 nights only, but alas, I could not rebook my return flight. So I’ll just return, hopefully sooner, and will stay longer next time!). The resort is down-to-earth paradise, the best place to unwind, to quiet a frazzled mind and recover from stress. Also loved my hut, which was comfortable and had a perfect view of the ocean 🙂 And the food was great! I also appreciate the fact that it is an animal-friendly place (the dogs, cats and some big birds roam around freely but do not disturb guests. They were well behaved). You can even bring your pet. Will surely return in the near future, for a longer stay.”