The Best Butler Service in Samal, Davao Region

Are you a traveler by heart? Or do you seek adventure, fun, relaxation and at the same time not to be worried or concerned about the security of the place that you go to? And what is the first thing that comes in your mind, when Davao city “The Land of Promise” is mentioned? If you are a climber or just fond of trekking, perhaps you would think of Mount Apo or Mount Apo National Park which is considered as the highest mountain or dormant volcano in the Philippine archipelago, with an elevation of 9, 692 ft. above sea level.


The mountain is also a desired destination of bird watchers with over of 272 various bird species, which are endemic to the area. Including the National bird of the Philippines declared on the 4rth of July 1995 by President Fidel V. Ramos under the Proclamation no. 615. And the Philippine eagle or better known as the monkey-eating eagle is also considered as the one of the largest eagles in the world, In terms of its length and wing surface.


Without any question Davao city is a popular haven for travelers, with its great and limitless exceptional experience and scenery. And aside from having the best and fresh delicacies such as fruits; vegetables; meat and fish, it has also a lower cost of standard way of living. In spite of what has been said, the one thing that Davao and without any doubt which the locals can vouch for this, that Davao city is most proud of its people. An authentic characteristic of a Dabawenyo is polite or socially correct; always willing to help others and above all is a law abiding citizen.


Before we forget another great thing about Davao city is the beautiful beaches that we have. And for the beach lovers out there, who likes to visit or hop from one island to the other. The locals and visitors described it as “A little paradise on earth” the Island Garden City of Samal, Davao region, it is composed of seven islets and a lot of beach resorts to choose from with unblemished beauty and pristine waters. It is situated in the heart of Davao gulf, from the city you will only have to travel for about 45 minutes. And if you are looking for the best service in town, “Hof Gorei” is the resort for you giving exceptional customer service and the only beach resort and hotel in providing individual butler service.


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