Better Ways to Spend Your Time at Hof Gorei

Are you one of the many parents out there who are always multitasking? From home to office, it is like a never-ending task and you’re thinking you need a brief break from the tiring routine to rejuvenate and at the same time to have some fun with your family. Sometimes we do dream of a place where we can have a quality moment with our children and totally relax at the same time. But, we all know that planning a weekend trip at the beach with your kids is the equivalent of planning a two-week vacation trip without kids.

 There could be a lot of concerns that may hinder your relaxing beach vacation. Fortunately, at Hof Gorei beach resort you will have the luxury of a broad flexible service of experience. You may always inquire with our staffs to assist you of what you may need and we guarantee that everything can be arranged according to your specific desires. Our only goal is for you and your children to have the ultimate best beach day ever. A fun and better way to do it is to arrange a beach treasure hunt for your kids.

 Who doesn’t love pirates and treasures, right? The perfect idea for kids of all ages to have some fun. Especially pre-schoolers who have playful innocent imaginations—to be creative you will need a couple of things such as treasure chest, but, if you can’t secure one, a big plastic container will do.  Just decorate it with pirate stickers on it; treasures like little pirate toys, candies and gold coins.  And lastly you need to bury the treasure then put a stick that marks an “X” on the spot or be more creative and create a map that gives clues to where the treasure is buried, let the games begin.

 After the game, picnics on the beach are satisfying and enjoy the day while eating outside nature that feels magical. You will enjoy the feel of the sand on your feet, the warmth of the sun on your skin, listening to the relaxing sound of the ocean while feeling the ocean breeze on your skin. Hof Gorei beach Resort Davao City Philippines is the perfect place for your family to gather. Enjoy our nature where the magic of moment happens.