Discover Samal Island True Spirit

The true beauty of Hof Gorei comes from its people and the place itself. If you want to have a quality time of solitude with your own family, Hof Gorei Beach Resort Samal is absolutely the perfect place for you. A little quiet break from technology which dominates the world and society is also one way of having an extra bonding with your better half and kids. What do you think are the advantages in spending time with your family?

According to the experts, studies say that before you have a vacation it must be planned thoroughly and you have to try to involve every member of the family within the process of planning the said getaway. Primarily, the advantage of having family leisure vacation activities is associated with more suitable emotional building. ¬†Hence, the family’s core emotion of having a closer relationship is much greater. It has been noted that fathers who spend time with their children, state their children perform better in school.

Experts also say that parents who spend leisure time and are involved with the lives of their children, exhibit less behavioral problems. Now if you are convinced that this is what you need for your family, it is time for you to step up and make it happen.

At Hof Gorei beach resort in Samal Island all of these are assured to be possible. With our world class facilities and amenities, surely you will experience the treatment of royalty. Everything you will wish for will be granted by our well trained staff and with your own personal butler. There are a lot of activities to choose from within the resort.  For example, you can have an educational tour in our own organic farm or you may opt to have an inland tour. Without a doubt, the serenity and the exciting activities will guarantee the needed quality time for your family.