Hof Gorei Your Best Escape for Tropical Paradise


As a frequent traveler visiting different beaches or places, how would you categorize a place as a tropical paradise? Your lovely Hof Gorei beach Resort Davao City Philippines is located in the west part of Samal Island. It is all about the natural beauty of the environment. Here you’ll get to appreciate the simple things in life. For instance, you will get to experience the daily natural phenomenon that makes your day complete. Sunsets are so beautiful here that they almost seen as if we were watching through the gates of heaven.

It is only common sense to think that if you’re speaking about a tropical paradise of a country it most definitely will involve a lot of islands or a group of islands. Speaking of which, what are the top ten countries that have the most islands? Which ones have the most inhabited islands? The top eight countries are Sweden at number one with 221, 800 islands followed by Finland with 188, 000 islands; Norway with 55, 000 islands; Canada with 52, 455 islands; Indonesia with 17, 508 islands; Australia with 8, 222 islands; Philippines with 7, 641 islands and Japan with 6, 853 islands so on and so forth.

Throughout the world it is a known fact that our country “Philippines” sits on the 7th place of the top ten countries that have the most islands. But, the interesting question for you would be, which top countries have the most beautiful islands in the whole world? Glad to say whatever search engine you will use in the internet, you’ll find out that you’re country “The Philippines” with crystal clear waters, white sand beaches, palm trees, lush green mountains, best surfing spots, enchanting underwater life and have the best diving sites in Asia.

It sits on the 3rd place of the top ten most beautiful islands in the whole world, safe to say your very own Hof Gorei beach Resort Davao City Philippines is also blessed with these natural gifts from nature that you would want in a tropical paradise island. Our resort and island is your perfect answer for the moments you seek for true relaxation and freedom. Your one authentic tropical paradise escape, it is like a feeling of peacefulness closest to heaven on earth.