Hof Gorei the Best Island Escapes You Can Find

Serenity, romance, color, and red brandy. If you are a traveler by heart who likes to experience different cultures, amazing people, beautiful places, thrill seeker, and understands the phrase “Your money’s worth”. No question, escape with Hof Gorei beach resort, truly your affordable secluded private island resort.

I’m pretty sure by now you have already heard of our little paradise here in Davao City, in Samal Island. As humble as it may seem, it will be the greatest escape that you will experience in your lifetime, through our picturesque seascapes, rich tropical forest, flexible service, unlimited adventures, tons of luxury and not to mention the serenity of our haven.  It will definitely do the job and guarantees the time, money, effort you have spent shall be rewarded enormously of pleasing unforgettable moments.

A handful of male individuals may find it relaxing by just sitting on cool calm seashore while reading an interesting novel, admiring a perfect view and enjoying his favorite rum. As funny it may sound, in truth, throughout Asia, Philippines has the lowest prices on liquors especially the locally made rums. A bottle will only cost you less a dollar on retail stores, whenever you feel like ordering rum with juice here, most definitely you will have a good mix and certainly the juice might be more costly than your rum.

Aside from that we offer vast services, world class facilities, breathtaking scenery, limitless adventures, and reasonable prices we offer at our resort. Thankfully, the weather in our peaceful island does not reach to a point of extreme hot or cold temperatures and is free from violent storms and welcoming for you to adapt easily our tropical climate. The perfect month to go is between November and May. But, as the weather is unpredictable they may be some scattered rain showers from time to time. But then again, who cares, honestly, nothing is more musically satisfying than swimming in a clean clear water sea on slight rainy day.