Hof Gorei: Enjoy the Weekly Travel Deals

Resort and Hotel Samal Island Davao City Philippines

What great life sensations do you experience when you are at the beach? Do funny thoughts like these come into your mind: “Instead of sitting relaxed at the beach front while enjoying my refreshments and admiring a dreamy view, I feel like I should be doing something—wait… I have a better idea best to think I will stay here until that feeling fades away; I am a beach lover and travel as much as I can so that I will not run out of dinner party conversations.”

On a serious note, twenty years from now you will be discontented from the small things you have not spent your attention with. It’s the little things that make life easier and happier. Better to throw off bowlines–sail away from the safe port and catch the trade sea breeze winds in your sails.

Dream. Explore. Discover. Good news from Hof Gorei beach resort—your dream fun summer deals never stops. Here’s why, enjoy our three days and two nights weekly travel deal per person for only half its original price. These will include a round trip schedule boat transfers; welcome drinks; your own personal butler; along with breakfast and picnic lunch. Begin your day to explore our beaches as you wish over snorkelling under chromatic water gardens and kayak your way through our calm sea waters.

Discover our beautiful little paradise island with endless spectacular sights to be learned such as Igacos Mariculture Park it is wherein you will see how our local “Bangus fish” (Milkfish) being naturally cultured; explore the beautiful Talikud Island at Angels Cove; Coral Garden and as much you may wish to hop your way through a variety of secluded untamed islets. Linger your weekly beach escapade with Hof Gorei Resort and Hotel Samal Island Davao City Philippines —sail and be the captain of your own boat where your wish is granted with your every command.