Hof Gorei: A Model of Development for Beach Resorts Owners

Hof Gorei resort and hotel Samal Island Davao City Philippines acknowledges the development of our Samal Island for tourism. But first, we must take a peek at the variables of planning and environmental friendly architecture—we must take into account that we should support what will favor our planet earth, economy, culture, history, heritage, interfaith and spirituality. Speaking of which, how can we accomplish a sustainable tourism and what are the basic steps do we need to consider and follow to lessen adverse social and environmental development impacts?

Our primary action should be implementing studies on social and environmental impacts; enhance action plan to maximize positive impacts and diminish negative impacts; encourage the local community on sustainable planning and development procedures and seek continuity on resort community programs like shared environmental programs such as beach and reef clean up drives, educational trades and lectures and conduct social programs for the local community like medical and dental missions.

In developing our island, we must be careful in weighing the short term against the long-term environmental and cultural effects. As we see it, the future tourism trends are going towards preferred tourism destinations that have unspoiled pristine, natural, cultural environment and preserved architectural experiences. In other words, the key is to preserve and develop the current environment without harming our natural resources to be able to have a sustainable tourism and development.

As Filipinos we should intensely exert more effort in preserving and developing our natural environment and resources. Let us all be reminded that our islands are rich with natural resources, we are number five in natural flora and fauna; fourth longest coastline in the world and number one in marine biodiversity.