Hof Gorei a Top Romantic Eco Beach Resort in IGACOS

Resort and Hotel Samal Island Davao City Philippines

Have you planned a romantic beach date at Hof Gorei? Let’s be honest, serene beaches are one of the most perfect romantic places on earth. Safe to say, it is the ideal place for lovers. There’s something magical and romantic about our small paradise. Perhaps it is the kiss of the ocean breeze that gently caresses your face, the whisper of the gentle crashing of the waves that therapeutically wash away your worries and there’s the soft white sand that gives you a cool wrap around your bare feet which gives a warm rub for your body and soul.

The good thing about planning a romantic beach date is that, it only requires you a very little amount of money. But, the great thing about it is the endless possibility of creating a sweet lasting memory for you and your love one.

Are you ready?  Here are the common simple tips that you might want to consider if you’re in our beach: Take off your shoes and walk along the sea shore together. The idea is for you and your partner to experience an aquatic environment and feel that cool water touching your feet.

As you walk around being spontaneous is a cool thing, meaning search for your perfect spot where you can have a romantic talk and the exchange of sweet-sweet whatnots. Always be prepared do not forget your picnic basket. Make sure to bring the food that she likes the best and her favorite bottle of wine will suffice. What do you need to bring? Preparing it yourself adds on to its romance. Bring sandwiches with cold cuts, crackers, cheese, glassware and blanket. Imagine your perfect romantic beach date, sharing something on a beautiful sunset with soft music playing as your background. Capture your true romantic beach date only at Hof Gorei beach resort and hotel Samal Island, Davao City, Philippines.