Hof Gorie Offers Ideal Playground for a Romantic Date

A romantic thought from Hof Gorei beach resort! “It’s near sunset, calmly admiring the serenity while walking on a pristine stretched sparkling white sand, with her smooth candle like fingers perfectly clasp together in between your hands.”

“As you hear a natural sound of nature singing gently of swaying palm trees; cool whisper of the wind and a relaxing music of the seas. Side by side on a perfect night, blessed by a lunar watch, beneath a blanket of winking bright stars, as she compassionately speaks with her soft lips soundlessly”.

The month of “Love” is fast approaching; indulge your five senses at Hof Gorei Beach Hotel and Resort Samal Davao Region, a romantic paradise where intimate of lasting moments of memories are being newly created or rekindled.

Our modest garden of heaven destination features a hidden quiet ambience, lush bed of green landscapes, and breathtaking sea views. Again, whatever may be the important reason, reviving or seeking a new relationship, our humble sexy Eden provides a chance for couples to have a passionate time together with the most comfortable romantic settings of luxury.

But, bear in mind that the natural wonders of nature is only here to remind us that love encloses us all, even will outlast every one of us, and the very essence of evanescence. Nothing is fixed, constantly evolving, and different from one day to the other. An expressive sign from nature that reminds us all of the transience of love and life, which In truth, the best thing to do is continue on creating and sharing passionate moments and gestures with your love one to keep a burning light of love forever, until you grow old together and your hair turns grey.