The Insider Guide to Samal Island, the Garden City in Mindanao

Are you living in a fast paced life and always busy at work? Out of nowhere, you have noticed some uncomfortable stress behaviors like lack of good night sleep, full of mental distress, being unpleasant toward others and easily get irritated. Experts’ research concluded that these are signs of chronic stress which may affect your physical and mental health.

In addition, if you will not take a positive action about it or disregard it, the long term exposure with this may result to unwanted diseases such as inhibition of growth termination of the immune system, high blood pressure, harm to muscle tissue and heart diseases. But you do not need to worry, to be able to overcome this according to the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) studies that by simply having a peaceful beach vacation and ample relaxation will break the stress cycle.

Speaking of serenity and luxury of relaxation, you must experience this privilege at Samal Island with a family oriented environment at Hof Gorei beach Resort Davao City Philippines. It is where you will be treated with royalty, lots of pampering and not to mention you will have your own personal butler to assist you with everything you may need or wish to do for you to be comfortable during your stay with us.

One way of experiencing our enchanting beautiful island is through our island hopping service. You will get to visit the remote pristine white sand beaches; cool down with Higmit Falls; snorkel your way through with the 3,500 giant clams and while you’re at it you may also get to visit Salipaan Shoal or better known as the “Vanishing Island”.

And if you are familiar of the TV program called “Biyahe ni Drew” who also visited our island with their host Drew Arellano once said, “Ang suwerte ng mga taga-Davao na mayroon silang Samal Island. It’s like an adventure paradise island. I only wish it stays clean, beautiful and peaceful for years to come”.