Insider Tips How to Enjoy Your Stay at Hof Gorei

The natural beauty of the vastness of our landscape and clear blue open waters will tell you a story that is an open secret for everyone to see and enjoy. Every grit of sand that we care for in our lovely paradise like place, can attest that our main goal is for our clients to leave our beach resort that they feel better about themselves and not only favorably better about ourselves.

There is a mutual bliss between client and your Hof Gorei Resort and Hotel Samal Island Davao City Philippines family as we provide the best satisfying service to our guests and in return we have the feeling of being fulfilled that we have done our job properly to share and spread the happiness that our land has to offer.
We have a wide range of suitable services, activities and facilities to choose from that you would like for your family adventure such as fishing, kayaking, educational organic farm tour, island hopping, inland tours, camping, having your own butler assistance, spa day treatment with your wife, Jacuzzi, swimming pool, local cuisine, ask about family deal promotions, know about off-peak season, stay more than one night and stay over Sunday—meaning much affordable prices.

To sum it all up, Hof Gorei believes that in sufficing your clients to the fullest services that they may need and wish for is one of the key factors through building a powerful bond between customer and owner relationship. In truth, whatever business you are in, the most vital or important thing with your clients is the relationship of trust that you must constantly deliver. Even if unnecessary disappointment of inevitable occurrence is unavoidable, we must be persistently relentless in achieving the approval of satisfaction of our clients and suffice every detail of wish our client wants.

As a matter of fact, we heart-warmly consider our guests not only important visitors, but also sincerely welcome them as part of our Hof Gorei Resort and Hotel Samal Island Davao City Philippines family. Whatever may be the reason for your beach escapade, whether it is for business or leisure, you can count on us to provide you the appropriate facilities and services that you may need and wish for. Your every minute of spending time with us is much more valuable than a treasure of gold.