Live and Tell Hof Gorei Best Place in Samal for Wildest Party

What do you get to enjoy at a Hof Gorei beach party? Before throwing a beach party, it is wise to consider first that you’ll need to keep yourself and your guests fully hydrated during and after that boat trip going to our resort. This is because, parties at the beach involve spending a lot of your time outside under the heat of the sun so the first step is to give them an ample availability of drinks that are non-alcoholic on a cooler which are easy for them to access or get. To make it interesting that you won’t have to remind them to get hydrated, you can give them different choices for them to drink such as cold refreshing water, lemonade, sports drinks, iced tea and a variety of fruit juices.

This way they will feel comfortable and energized to enjoy the great outdoors, water sports, great food and the warmth of the sun. Remember throwing your own beach party is making sure that everyone will have a superb time and it will be an event for them to cherish that they would ask you with enthusiasm when will be your next beach party again. Providing the best beach party for your family and friends includes the basic things like having a lot of food and drinks for everyone to keep the party going.

You have to make sure that you won’t run out of food and drinks. The best way to do it is to organize a potluck. Politely request each of your friends and family to bring their preferred or specialized delicious dish and alcoholic drinks that they would like to share with everyone. If your beach party involves our island hopping tour, better to set up your food and drinks buffet style on a long table which is available in our Hof Gorei boats. In this way after their each swim or snorkelling it is convenient for them to easily get what they want to eat or drink.

One more thing, in order to settle your dreamy chic sunset cruise, create an elegant platter, cut some cardstock into pennant shapes glue it to a wooden picks to label your cheese varieties. Serve it with berries and honey on a pretty board and of course along with your chilled wine. Let your friends tell the amazing story, celebrate your wild wilderness beach party only at Hof Gorei beach Resort Davao City Philippines!