What makes Hof Gorei Beach Resort a Traveler’s favorite?

Love is in the air, love is constantly on our minds. Actually, love is everywhere at Hof Gorei. Everyone has their own personal favorite destination; probably it could be more than one. But, there is this specific place that you know by heart. It keeps playing on your mind–the beauty and the treasured memories you have pleasantly experienced with that one special place.

One traveler once said if you would ask me what my favorite travel destination would be. He said, “I would say to you that my special travel destination would not entirely include ‘traveling’ mainly because I live in that one special place – Samal Island.” The reason behind this common story would be simply because you have made unforgettable memories in that special place and you have fallen in love with its people and its natural beauty.

When you have set eyes on our lovely island with endless beautiful beaches, the first thing you will utter is “wow” followed by a dreamy thought of retiring in this particular place. The pleasure of that soft white sand under your feet, the refreshing feel of that cold crystal water, the gentle touch of that warmth sun and the peaceful hissing sound of the waves as it breaks on the seashore. You can have a whole new paradise experience and discover your own special travel destination only at Hof Gorei beach resort Davao City Philippines.