What Makes Hof Gorei Uniquely Different?


Hof Gorei: Our place is extremely peaceful and thus far has the loudest beautiful scenery to offer. It is where you can find your own natural shelter of paradise that you may thoroughly feel to be completely free and relaxed. Furthermore, our natural lush chromatic green garden of ambience occasionally makes you think optimistically with your wishes for the future and be appreciative at present about the things you have accomplished in your life and loved ones. As a consequence in experiencing a memorable moment in our enchanting place, you will carry it wherever you will go.

Our small island is generously showered with sunshine throughout the year and is suitable for a wide range of subtle or extreme activities that you may want to do for fun. The surrounding tropical forest and our resort cradled on a slight hill present you that cool breeze during summer nights, along with a natural sound of the wild which totally provides comfort and luxury of relaxation you need. We are equipped with world class facilities that are constantly enhanced for the satisfaction of our valued clients whom we modestly consider as part of the Hof Gorei family.

Whatever may be the reason for your beach escapade, whether it is for business or leisure, you can count on us to provide you the appropriate facilities or services that you need such as function rooms; stone hut (perfect for an intimate dinner for two); al fresco terrace; sepp bar; videoke hut for parties; swimming pool with hydro massage; spa treatment; jacuzzi; tropical oasis; farm trekking; and many more.

In terms of service, we have a well-trained staff the butler service Samal region that will take care of you throughout your comfortable stay with us and not to mention, we are the only resort here in Samal Island that provides your own butler to assist you with your every wish. Experience it now—your own unique well-deserved beach vacation only at Hof Gorei.