Perfect Reasons to Experience Hof Gorei

Do you want to have a peaceful beach vacation with ultimate relaxation? I know you must be thinking how you would like to lie down on the beach, let the sun touch your face—detach yourself from stress and calmly ease your mind with the beauty of the whispers of nature. Does it sound pleasing to you? If it does, it gets even better– Hof Gorei beach resort points out ten fair reasons for you to take your next new adventure with us. Basically, our resort is away from the town of the island which gives you more serenity and another logical reason is the ease of traveling– our quiet resort is easy to reach from the Davao International Airport, which will only take you less than two hours of travel.

All year long, with the constant exchange of wind blowing from the Davao Sea Gulf keeps our island fresh with sea air breeze and furthers itself from feeling too warm or humid. The weather sits right during day and night time with the mild climate will allow you to spend a satisfying day or evening outside on the water or at the seashores of our resort. Our pristine beaches is limitless and surrounds our little paradise like an island which has sugary white sand that feels like powder beneath and between your toes.

To go above and beyond with the brief reasonable reasons here are the following: you must experience our underwater gardens; explore our island with exciting activities to choose from; indulge your appetite with our fresh oriental cuisine; celebrate with the local festivals; and speaking of “local” the people of our island is known for their heartwarming welcome and genuine bright smiles.

Almost everyone knows especially our regular and newly valued clients who we all honorably consider part of the Hof Gorei family—that we are Beach Hotel and Resort Samal Davao Region known for weddings, newlyweds, celebrating anniversaries, candle light dinner on the seashore and moonlit walks on the beach. It is our ultimate pleasure to give love and care for our clients. And last but not the least, the most important thing that we offer is the memorable memories that are created within our humble little paradise resort with our care for you that lasts for a lifetime.