Your Perfect Wedding Beach Destination at Hof Gorei

Two hearts beat as one! A philosopher once said “To love someone deeply gives you strength and being loved by someone deeply gives you courage”. Does it ring any bell? Yes, it is the month of June! Best wishes from Hof Gorei and we would like to congratulate you for taking that big romantic step in your life. Marriage is like building a puzzle of a beautiful portrait with millions of tiny particular moments that together you create your love story with.

However, a common part of the story is many of the couples of today are snowed with work—rushed with time and likes to be more practical in planning and financing their wedding, simply for the reason of thinking wisely in saving financially for their future. Yes! The solution is a beach wedding. It gives you a sensible reason like it is easier to plan, affordable than a typical traditional wedding, and in truth, a much more fun natural environment in celebrating this important occasion for everyone.

Before you take that first step in planning your wedding, you must first consider these significant factors that will greatly affect this momentous celebration. We would like to remind you that our humble resort is equipped with and known for as an ideal romantic resort. Basically, you have to be mindful of the weather on your special day. You must also elect your location wisely- beaches are commonly breezy and be aware of the tides so it is vital to choose an area that is protected from direct winds. You can ask for a wedding local officiate of your approval to perform your wedding ceremony.

You must also remember to inquire about wedding package deals with the resort; Lease an ideal outdoor canopy to serve as a precaution, protection, and added comfort for your guests and family; Lessen your reception expenses with planning a sunset ceremony followed with a simple but elegant wine and cheese reception at the beach; Decide decisively on how many guests will be attending; Consider your guests safety, comfort and needs; Choose a casual hairstyle that is appropriate for beach weddings and choose a wedding dress accordingly right for the climate; and Thank you gifts for your guests for sharing your special day–like personalized seashell candles or sand dollars. Once again, Hof Gorei Beach Hotel and Resort Samal Davao Region is only here to serve and satisfy you with your every need in taking care of your dream wedding.