Quirky Things To Do at Hof Gorei Resort Hotel

A common fact that many of us have been desperately trying when we were young was to grow up fast. But, now at a mature age, we’ve come to realize that it is no fun at all and we must get hold of that inner child in us for our kids. Why not bring back those fun memories and experience it all over again with our own children, sounds quite right, right?

Once in a while, as parents we need to share with our children the quirky fun things we‘ve enjoyed doing when we were young. We should rid of those traditional activities that make them feel bored.  Instead, we should encourage them to have fun without having their faces glued on their smart phones. Why not include this in your to do list? Supersede those usual to unusual fun activities with your children.  The perfect place to do it is at your family-oriented Hof Gorei beach Resort Davao City Philippines.

Discover all the weird and wonderful beach activities at our humble paradise. For instance, let your daughter enjoy while dressing her up like a mermaid.  For your little princess it is an activity that they dream of doing, just like in the fairy tale story. Let her experience the basics of swimming in the shallow waters with a tail and show off with some cool tricks.

Another unusual activity would be night-time snorkeling, witness heavenly bioluminescent planktons that glow in the dark. If they are too young to do this kind of activity, then better share with them the quirky simple fun things you have done before when you were a child such as building sand castles with a bridge, cast a line, enjoying a picnic on a remote island, collecting sea shells, playing beach games like Frisbee or tic-tac-toe on sand, read a book, run and play on shallow waves, taking pictures and by simply having a heart-warming conversation with them while watching a beautiful sunset together.