The Road to Hof Gorei: Summer Adventures in Davao del Norte

Are you a huge fan of going on adventurous road trips? If that is the case, I’m sure you’ve already learned that through the years you have travelled, it is not all about where you travel or your destination is. Rather, it is about how and whom you are travelling with, for it to be able to be satisfyingly great. Why is it very important to travel with the right people, for it to be awesome?

One superb destination for your loved ones would be at your own family-oriented Hof Gorei beach resort in Samal Island of Davao del Norte. The first reason that it will be a perfect road trip adventure for your family is the peacefulness of our place aside of course of its breathtaking scenery, white sand beaches and limitless educational tourist spots. Wait, before you step on that pedal gas, here are some good tips for your road trip.

The obvious reason traveling by car is total flexibility—no schedules at all, being spontaneous, listening to awesome road trip music, catching-up when you were a teenager you had your first road trip and now your sharing it with your own kids those beautiful memories.

Lastly, try not to over plan things when going on a road trip because it is all about the road tripping experience like the fun breaks, chats, pranks and beautiful landscapes. Share and create a fun memorable lasting memory road trip with your family only at Hof Gorei resort and hotel Samal Island, Davao City, Philippines.