Samal Island Adventures: Top Activities You Can Do in Hof Gorei

At, present according to Google, there is a huge wave of interest for the Philippines. It seems that accumulating internet users around the globe are searching anything informative about our President Rodrigo R. Duterte. With this happening all over the world the Department of Tourism is aware that it generates more attraction, and this is good for the tourism industry for our country especially in Davao City wherein our President resides.

If you are planning to visit our city and you want to have a luxurious and relaxing vacation, it is best to include Hof Gorei the Beach Hotel and Resort Samal Davao Region in your itinerary. As we have stated before, our resort is not that typical as we continuously work hard to attain of what is best for our clients in terms of services and facilities.

You might ask what activities you may want to do here, while having tons of pampering and treated as royalty. If you want, you may begin with a subtle activity by roaming around our botanical garden and admiring the scenic true beauty of nature.

We also have a 24-hectare organic fruit; vegetable; and coconut farm that we conduct educational tours for our guests. If this idea may appeal for your family and friends, you may also desire to pick your own fruits for your desert at the resort.

But if you are ready to do exciting activities such as doing island hopping and having a feast in a remote spot; discovering the coral reefs by scuba diving or snorkeling; exploring caves; or getting wet by visiting zestful cascading enchanting waterfalls– your adventure waits! Spend your precious time at Hof Gorei and everything will be created for your wishful desires.