When in Samal Island Experience the Fabulous Hof Gorei

It is a highly recommended getaway destination especially for the locals of Davao City.  It is known by its inhabitants as “Gamay nga Paraiso” (Little Paradise). However, its official name is “Island Garden City of Samal”.  If you are searching for a serene romantic secluded resort where you can have a quality bonding time with your love ones you are warmly invited to our own little paradise which is also located in Samal Island.

Welcome to Hof Gorei the best beach hotel and resort in Samal Region. Here you can experience the unlimited luxury of service and the natural wonders of nature such as world class reefs; pristine waterfalls; organic farm; untouched villages; and Remote Island hopping. Truly our land is blessed with bountiful soil and ocean.

As mentioned, our resort also includes 24 hectares of organic flower garden; vegetables; fruits and coconut farm wherein you can pick your own variety of fruits you desire for your dessert. We also conduct an educational tour on what are the methods to be done to have an organic farm. It is our way of giving back the needed care for our mother nature and for the benefit of our community as well.

Our long time goal is always to satisfy our every guest with comfort of luxury and to bring them closer to nature. Our huts are of modern rustic design to pave the way for you to sense the outdoors in your own rooms. Witness the beauty of nature, hear the sound of the waves and see the color of the ocean as it changes from light turquoise to deep blue as the warmth of the sun touches your face and feel the cool sea breeze as it caresses your skin. Come discover Hof Gorei beach resort an ideal place to create a new romance.