Things You Never Knew About Hof Gorei

“Happiness comes along with the waves.  So escape with every escapade, capture as many places as you can, spend a little of your hard earned wage, money is can always be earned. But, you cannot always create sunny memorable memories that are worth more than a precious treasure”. Experience luxury and be treated as royalty only at Hof Gorei beach resort. Once in awhile, we all need a time off from work stress and the exhausting fast paced lifestyle like in the common overcrowded cities in the world.

Hence, if by chance you are planning to visit Davao City, a place that has a laid back ambience.  It is definitely not the typical city and which is portrayed in disturbing news lately. Apart from as the largest city in Mindanao, fourth largest city in the Philippines, it is also the widest city in the country in terms of its land area. Our city has an immense low crime rate with the help of the authentic respectful law abiding citizens of Davao and of course our local government to make it truthfully peaceful. A known fact in our city is that you can  roam around late at night and no one will bother you.

All year long, we have the nicest weather.  For that reason we have an abundant variety of delicious tropical fruits to choose from.  And as claimed by many, we have the cleanest drinking tap water and the second cleanest in the world. Unlike in other urban cities, we have a clean air especially in our highland areas.  You will instantly notice the difference as you breathe in the air.  You will appreciate how immaculately good it is for your lungs. Here, smoke belching is not allowed and we are not familiar with smog.

Our city has strict policies that are implemented accordingly; even smoking cigarettes in public is prohibited. All of these contribute to the cleanliness of our city which benefits the greater good of our natural environment and mankind. At par with the advocacy of Hof Gorei which is to help continuously in providing the best for our environment and to remain as a family-oriented resort.  Most importantly we are most proud of our people who adhere with our principles to be honest and respectful in every aspect of life.