Your Tropical Fantasy Comes to Life At Hof Gorei Beach Resort

According to a research in the field of dreams, it concluded that each single person on earth during sleep dreams for about ninety minutes to two hours every night. It also revealed from their thorough gathered data which makes it more interesting is when people from different races, cultures and backgrounds reported having similar dreams. Furthermore, experts also stated that dreams are not just telling you a simple story. It symbolizes something and has a deeper meaning to it. For example what does your beach dream symbolizes?

In general, a beach dream has a spiritual meaning to all of us. You standing gazing out into the sea in a dream simply indicate that you need to focus on the things that are important and that you need to do in your life. On the other hand, if you’re vivid dream involves you standing out and staring at a deserted sea signifies that you must take valuable time off for yourself. Such as, giving oneself a true quiet and relaxed beach vacation for a couple of days. On that note, there’s no other greater choice than spending your time at your friendly and family oriented Hof Gorei beach Resort Davao City Philippines wherein you’ll experience your real endless beach vacation luxury.

But, if we’re talking about your beach fantasy, how does this sound in your mind? “With browning legs curled under, dusted with sand like flour on bread, I sit close to the lapping waves. They feel warm and cool, like tea that’s been forgotten and returned to. My fingers wiggle in the water, in these lips of the ocean as she sings. In this place I will remain until the tide is lower, scooping the sand that runs like cold lava through my star-fish fingers and onto the dry beach. With each handful I twist my body as if dancing in a chair, gazing at the falling sand. Below it raises a drip-castle, a sandcastle that looks for the entire world like a melted candle. By sunset, there will be a long skinny line of them following the ocean as she chases that big bright moon along a mass blanket of glittering stars.”

Everyone knows that when you’re at your friendly Hof Gorei beach resort, it brings back nostalgic feelings when you we’re still a child. A beautiful feeling of you playing on that soft golden sand with the right comfort of warmth, you resting and lying on the beach that feels like a pleasant hug matched by a sunshine filled sky. As it touches your happiness within you that your grin growing slowly into a broad smile.

Here’s one helpful review that we would like to share with you to satisfy your beach paradise fantasy. The subject is called “You must visit this place” and he said “Very lovely grounds and beach and experience. The name should be changed to GARDEN and Beach resort. Hof Gorei beach Resort Davao City Philippines offers much more than a beautiful beach and pool!! The rooms are better in person than what they looked in the photos. This quiet resort has a lovely garden ground that provides the venue and background for many varied dining experiences. Breakfast by the pool, dinner on the beach,etc. There is no restaurant. They assign a personal assistant to bring you drinks, and make set-ups for your dining desires. I enjoyed breakfast on the balcony overlooking the ocean and lunch at the bar with the cool beers. The chefs, (not just cooks), presents some of the very best dining offered in the Philippines in my experience. Tuna steaks, garlic shrimps, and too much to try in one journey, so like me, you will have to return for more! Clay from United States.”