Hof Gorei Beach Resort A Global Destination for Beach Aficionados

Traveling in our wonderful island makes you speechless at first. But, at the end of your journey leaves you an impression of becoming a good storyteller. The reason behind this is the amazing natural environment that you will experience and embracing the richness of our culture. Your Hof Gorei resort and hotel Samal Island, Davao City, Philippines being one of the favorite destinations of beach-lovers around the globe, owns distinguishing features which beach aficionados look for in a resort. From a wide flexible service, favorable climate and a long-long list of recreational beach activities that we provide.

Our beautiful small island is sweetly blessed with sunshine throughout the year which is greatly suitable for a wide range of extreme activities that you may want to do for fun. You will be surrounded with lush green tropical forest and be cradled on a slight slope, presents you that cool breeze during summer nights, along with a natural sound of the wild which totally cradles you comfort and luxury of relaxation that you need.

At this instant, if you are looking for a real memorable vacation destination for your family to experience new things and enjoy together, without a doubt our humble resort is the ideal place for you. A home of diverse natural attractions and lap of picturesque landscapes that presents exciting activities that you can think of—whether it is about exotic food, sports, or nature there is surprisingly something for everyone to love and appreciate. No wonder, every year, millions of locals and foreign tourists alike visit our place. Come enjoy your own private family destination only at Hof Gorei beach resort Davao City, Philippines.