A Romantic Guide Vacationing to Hof Gorei Resort in Davao

Would you agree in the statement that love is the food of life and to have a romantic beach vacation is your dessert? Amidst our daily life routine, stress is inevitable and must not be taken lightly. It is like a predator of shadow that makes us a prey. It waits patiently when to strike and exposes our vulnerability to
weaken our relationship with our loved ones. But wait, don’t be alarmed. The solution is really simple.

According to an expert about romance, a relaxing beach vacation is the key or the ideal opportunity for couples to reconnect and to pave the way for them to remember why they first fell in love. When the words romance, beach and
vacation are mentioned, you can be sure that there is no other place that is perfect to spend your romantic getaway than our lovely Hof Gorei Samal Island Resort.

Known to be a shelter for couples in celebrating their weddings, anniversaries, honeymoons and of course in bringing back the spark or spice in your relationship, as we would say. In our little paradise, it is already standard that rose petals on your bed and wine or champagne as a welcome amenity and the romantic serene environment. However, the best thing to do in your trip andvacation is tailoring those romantic gestures which your other half will truly appreciate and she will completely treasure it for the rest of her life.

It is small gestures that make it more special, for example dinner along the seashore while playing your wedding song in the background, her favorite wine while enjoying your meal, breakfast in bed, island hopping, a romantic sunset cruise or a surprise fireworks display. This special unexpected element of gesture throughout your vacation never gets old and it is a fun way to bring back that romantic relationship or bond with your partner. Your Hof Gorei family’s objective is to see that joy on our client’s faces when they are surprised and you can tell that they will never forget that special moment.