Activities You Can Do At Hof Gorei This Semestral Break

“Every student deserves a week away from the exams and stress brought about by learning.” The smartest thing for you to do right now with your family is to spend their semestral break with your Hof Gorei beach resort family. Why? Our peaceful natural environment closest to the clouds provides you the perfect ambience to create a lasting happy memory for your family that you will cherish for the rest of your years to come.

How we all wish that we can spend every single day of our lives comfortably sitting and feeling quiet while watching those perfect waves curling back and forth. However, many of us cannot do that—but, once again by creating a memorable moment with your children is the best way to do it.
One tangible fun activity that you may bring back home with you is making a simple seashell wind chime; it is easy and fun thing to do which involves every member of your family. The first step is to gather the materials from the seashore needed like two sticks; nylon string; seashells; clear nail polish; cross-head screwdriver and of course obviously some of the materials are not naturally available, better ask the assistance of your own personal butler service Samal region at Hof Gorei to provide it for you.

Bear in mind, ask your children about their creative opinion on how to do it. To give you an idea you may simply do it initially by putting holes in each stick and fastening them together into a cross shape, next make tiny holes through the seashells enough to insert the string, tie them vertically and attach it to the sticks. Coat the seashells with a thin layer of nail polish to prevent it from shattering and one more thing to do is sit back, close your eyes, relax and listen to the sweet music of the seaside.

Wait! There are more simple but yet fun exciting activities for your children to do such as beach group photo idea let them hold a cardboard or any paper that visualizes their current ages; build a tent using sticks, leaves, and towels; create a pond; skim a stone; walk barefoot along the seashore; jump over waves; explore the small rock pools along the beach and discover sea creatures (low tide); catch a small fish with a net; catch a crab—search for crab holes and fill it with water; and on a windy day is a the perfect weather to fly a kite with your children. Now is the time to create that special moment with your family only at Hof Gorei.