Activities You Should Not Do at Hof Gorei Beach Resort in Davao

“Advice from the ocean: Be shore of yourself Come out of your shell. Take time to coast. Avoid peer pressure. Sea life’s beauty. Don’t get so tide down on work that you miss out on life’s beautiful waves.”

As enticing and sincere as the phrase sounds, one cannot deny that there is no more perfect time than now to go to the beach, especially nowadays that the climate is unpredictable and humid. However, fortunately for you, at your friendly Hof Gorei, all year long, the weather is pleasant and free from violent storms.

A day at our beach makes your skin warm from the sun and smoothens and exfoliates through the sand. You can spend the day just enjoying a quiet beautiful scenery while feasting on delicious fresh seafood. Relax by breathing sea fresh air that fills your lungs, while listening and relaxing to the hissing sound of the waves as it goes back and forth on the seashore.

But, unless you live and own a private island, you must still take into consideration the right etiquette in visiting a beach resort. Sometimes, human beings often forget how to act properly in a public place and they act as if they’re the only people at the beach. Showing the right manners is the proper thing to do, most especially when our children are around. Acting in a proper way and having some fun without bothering or annoying everyone around you are the things we must practice as adults.

We don’t intend to be a party pooper or be the fun police. But, there are specific common sense rules that should be observed at the beach to guarantee your immense enjoyment of satisfaction with your fellow beach lovers. Here are the following reminders that we must never do at the beach: do not play near the crowds, do not light your cigarette beyond the smoking area, do not leave or throw your trash everywhere and don’t ignore warnings or local customs.

If you are familiar with the beach sign that says “Please leave totally nothing at the beach, but just your footprints” which makes sense for everyone to understand that we must respect our nature. You don’t have the sole power to protect our natural environment. However, if we do it together to care for our ocean we will stand a huge chance in preserving it for the next generations to come. The beach belongs to everyone, for that reason we’re all equally responsible for making or keeping it clean and healthy. Your Hof Gorei family believes that our ocean chooses you and I to safeguard it.