Enjoy the Festive of Kadayawan at Hof Gorei

Come visit Davao City and nestle at Hof Gorei beach resort! The fruit basket city of the country is once again celebrating the vibrant culture of its native people known as the “Kadayawan Festival”—the indigenous word is derived from a Dabawenyo word “Madayaw” which is a friendly greeting while the whole term Kadayawan simply means beautiful, good, superior, and treasured. It is a form of celebrating life that shows gratitude for having a rich culture; gifts of nature; bountiful harvest—as greatly, sharing through the whole world the serenity and unity of living of its people.

An annual festivity celebrated through the whole month of August wherein you will experience the unity of different business sectors to promote the celebration, which includes all kinds of sale promotions that will satisfy your appetite—whatever you may wish to think of from services; variety of products; the city provides a wide range of activities and spectacular places for you to enjoy to maximize your visit in our humble city. Through the hearts of its people and what surrounds us—it is a perfect holiday season to reflect on our blessings and reach out ways to create a life that is better for everyone. Not to mention, nothing compares like a music and street dancing festival that the whole city is excited to be involved and everyone is ready to have a peaceful good time.

The official highlight events include the following such as Kadayawan opening ceremonies (street dance parade and showcasing the colourful different tribes of Davao); Kadayawan village and bantawan (cultural stage show of tribes); Subang sinugdanan (fluvial float parade in conserving the river of life); Panagtagbo (the gathering); Dula kadayawan (tribal games); Hiyas sa kadayawan (a pageant like search for young tribal women that will be based on their cultural performance, indigenous dress and keen intelligence; Ka’andayawan ( street food, music, and arts entertainment during evening hours); Indak-Indak sa kadalanan (theatrical street dancing competition with indigenous traditions); Tunog Kadayawan (indigenous songwriting competition); and more—more exciting surprises for you to discover in Davao City.

Once again, bear in mind after the electrifying activities in the city visit us. It is a must for you to come home and experience the different part of Davao which is the true beauty of our environmental serene nature only at Hof Gorei Beach Hotel and Resort Samal Davao Region.