Everything you’ll Love at Hof Gorei Beach Resort

In our small paradise you face the sun, power nap in a hammock, softly breathe fresh air, go with the flow—drift, sink into soft warm white sand and sway like coconut palm trees. Float on a Hof Gorei breeze, let go, unwind, relax and surrender on our shores. On that tone of feeling, here’s an easy question for you, are you one of those people who love the beach more than the city? If you’re answer is beach please! Probably you need a break from the city scenes skyscrapers. You would rather slip on your rubber slippers and wear your comfortable cool board shorts Hof Gorei beach resort Davao City, Philippines.

You can’t wait to get here and fill your social media with your interesting captures of sand, sun, waves, surf and just freely speak your beautiful soul. Seriously, if you love the exotic beauty of a tropical beach more than the culture of the city, our heavenly beach paradise is for you. Here you will enjoy the true feeling of at peace just by simply sitting in our shores and admiring the motion of your environment with its natural beauty. You might ask, what makes our resort lovable and incomparable from the rest?

The simple answer to that is our authentic personal care for our valued guests. Here’s one revealing review from our regular client who again had a wonderful time with your Hof Gorei family. The subject is called “Exceptional Stay” and he said “They were very courteous at extending our date of arrival from the original due to storm. They gave us a free upgrade as wife and I were celebrating our anniversary, a beachfront cabana which also made our stay hassle free because we had our 2 children with us. The room was spacious, clean with all needed amenities and/or if need be you can ask your personal Butler for help. Ours was Lang-Lang. Very cheerful girl who made friends with the children very quickly and ran all our errands. It’s one of the unique styles of this resort. Instead of dialing
housekeeping or room service, you ring a hand bell to call your Butler to help you with your needs. Resorts manager was always there for help and guidance and we also had the honor of meeting and sitting down for a nice chat with the resort’s owner. Free boat shuttle back and forth between Sta. Ana port and resort included with breakfast and welcome reception upon arrival, it was all so perfect – from Rizwan”.Living in our simple haven is all about simplicity and serenity which makes it a true natural paradise for beach lovers like you. If there could be one question left in your mind. It would be; what’s not to love in our humble shelter of paradise? Experience, explore and discover your one realistic luxurious paradise escape only at Hof Gorei resort and hotel Samal Island, Davao City, Philippines