Explore Davao Region thru Hof Gorei


The true beauty of our world is for you to dream, explore, and discover—and an experienced explorer once said, “Through traveling is the best knowledge that you will ever get, it teaches you with your full potential of developing your character through exploring our world and achieving new experiences”. After the steps—capture breathtaking scenery closest to the clouds through the tropical nature of Hof Gorei beach resort. As the saying goes “you will only seize the best view after a challenging ascends”. Alongside with our family resort let us know the basic information and places about our island that will be eventually useful for you in exploring our little paradise.

Initially, when we do visit a new place—we firstly tend to think and know about the weather in that particular place—right. Fortunately for us, our island is free from violent storms. However, if it is in wet season obviously scattered rain showers may occur. The coolest thing about it is sometimes we act and let out of our inner child and occasionally we would like to go for a swim when it’s raining and feel the little raindrops touching our face.

Our humble resort is an ideal playground for your children to experience a subtle adventure. Not to mention our shelter provides educational farm trekking; tamed animals roaming around; enclosed with natural garden; and other exciting adventurous activities that you might think of that is suitable for your children.

The remaining question is—what will you expect to explore within the whole of our island? Essentially, Samal Island is surrounded with six islets that are secluded, pristine and individually charming in their own way. On the other hand, the main island is armed along with offshore disappearing islets; white sand beaches; colorful sea garden dive spots; caves; cascading waterfalls; and sunken shipwrecks.

As for the extra slight adventurous explorers—you may scale the sheer limestone wall of “Puting Bato Mountain” with an intense height of 1,362 feet above sea level and easily rappel your way down through “Bito Depression” with a breathtaking depth of 273 feet. What are you waiting for? Race you at the top only at Beach Hotel and Resort Samal Davao Region.