Exploring IGACOS through Hof Gorei

“Stop creating a life that is stressful and you need a vacation from. Instead, move where you want to live, do what you want to do, start what you want to start and create the life you want today.” Are you searching for an adventurous beach destination to explore? Search no further, your friendly Hof Gorei beach resort in Davao has got you covered.

The answer is our Island Garden City of Samal or better called by its natives as “IGACOS”. Our irresistible tropical paradise is perfect for your family and friends to take a little bit of an adventure and get what you’ve always wanted…that beautiful tan.

Check out the most attractive stretch of white sand beaches. Experience an environment with lush green vegetation surrounded by trees. Hear the sound of the natural wildlife, singing chirping of brightly colorful birds and smell that sweet fresh breath breeze of air. Dive into our crystal waters with hundreds of species of fish and colorful corals. Here you would see uniquely designed rooms and cottages with beautiful serene scenery which gives you warmth of comfort and relaxation—not to mention reasonable prices of accommodation, services, activities, entertainment, and amenities that you truly deserve.

Our activities include exploring uninhabited islands ideal for your family picnics or exploring Mamacao springs, a great day out for your mountain biking activity passing through a breathtaking view of Samal Island countryside. As you will reach your destination, you will get to enjoy a refreshing cascading falls with crystal clear cool waters.

Here’s one interesting review from our guest that might entice you to explore our beautiful paradise-like island and he said, “So far the best resort I have ever checked in. The resort itself speaks of its beauty and grandeur. The nativelydesigned rooms are clean and the foods are great. I checked in without company but I never felt alone because I was being well taken care of by my personal butler. Yes, they have assigned personal butlers for every guest, your butler will do and prepare your personal needs.

All you have to do is just enjoy the beach, do kayaking or ride jet ski, plunge in the pool or Jacuzzi or go for some island hopping and inland tour.”An enchanting beautiful place for you to explore that was meant to remain
untouched. Combining the charming beauty of the land and sea, discover and explore our great Samal island resort and feel the serene atmosphere of Hof Gorei, your family-oriented trusted beach resort. “Twenty years from now you
will be more disappointed by the things you did not do than by the ones you did do. So, throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds, explore, dream and discover.”