Feel like a Royalty at Hof Gorei

In the medieval period between the 5th and 15th centuries are the ages of royalty in the history of Europe. In that same era, is also the fall of its western Roman empire and the beginning of its diversification of rebirth which resulted in the course of its new age of discovery. Long time ago, along with the experience and treatment of becoming royalty is acquired from distinguished bloodlines of kings and queens. Fortunately, that was in the past, ordinarily at present, royalty is simply attached on what you do and how you present yourself.

We have a surprise! Hof Gorei with its blunt opinion about it, royalty is not a word; it is an experience for everyone to reach effortlessly. “Our royalty is our little paradise, if you as much begin to poke about it, you cannot experience reverence, and its mystery is to respect its natural beauty of life”. Travel and discover your own haven of paradise, which are visited by many leisure and business tourists all over the globe, who needs quite an adventure and immense complete relaxation with treatment of royalty.

In our humble resort, experience the utmost luxury and one of its kind boutique style island resort; an environment surrounded with thick tropical natural beauty which presents itself with radiant warmth of the sun, where you will achieve the authentic peace and comfort of royalty. Stay at our Pinzgau Chalet, resembling the architecture of a farm house in Salzburg, Austria. It is only one of the many services of royalty that we provide, majestically cradled on the peak of Hof Gorei beach resort which possesses a heavenly like scenery that catches a serene breathtaking view of the island and the sea.