Feel The Fun at Hof Gorei Beach Resort during Monsoon Season

A simple phrase which many of us can agree on and there is a small truth behind it. Fortunately, at your trusted Hof Gorei beach resort in Davao monsoon season is not really an issue. But, from time to time, surely there are unpredictable rain showers and that’s it. Hence, with this reason alone it shows the calmness and beauty of our island. Visiting our beautiful island is all about good weather all week long. But, here’s the thing about some people. When the weather is too hot they complain, too cold they complain and when it’s aptly, they’re watching

As funny as it may seem; some people do think in a certain way. However, when you’re at our humble paradise this kind of frame of mind goes away. Our peaceful and breathtaking environment of scenery will urge you to do some relaxing activities that you will pleasantly enjoy and share a beautiful moment with your family.

One of the many relaxing activities that we would recommend is fishing and island hopping. It is one of the Filipino’s favorite activities and pastimes. It gives you a relaxing vibe by being patient and while waiting with your catch, it allows you to contemplate on your achievements in life. Our little paradise-like place will let you enjoy the simpler things in life such as having a merry picnic with your family, playing a game, walking around the resort while admiring nature, taking photos and simply ending your wonderful day by watching a beautiful sunset with wine.

Living up to our standard as a peaceful paradise, here’s one convincing review from our valued client Irene P. of Paris, France with the subject titled “Perfect and Peaceful garden & beach resort”- “We came to the resort from Davao on Dec 30 and stayed for 5 nights. This part of the island is very serene, peaceful and calming, just a perfect escape from the noise and stress. The cottages of different types are located on the beachfront, in the garden and on the hills. We stayed in a cabana, located near the lake with fish and geese.

All rooms are not only stylish comfortable, but also are very well maintained. Bed linen is of good quality and very clean. There is an in house dining available with delicious fresh food. Breakfast and lunch/dinner is served on the beach with stunning views! Service is great and the staff is very pleasant. We also celebrated the New Year on the island – the gracious and charming owner – Mrs Kroell, made the celebration unforgettable thanks to the fireworks and generous dinner offered to the guests and staff. Even the flutes of sparkling champagne. There are
plenty of singing birds around and even a toucan flying around! The stars are bright at night and the nature is awesome. We absolutely adored the Hof Gorei Samal Island Resort and our butler, Joelle, who was taking care of us during the whole stay. We will definitely come back to this paradise resort.”