Hof Gorei A Home Away from Home

An ordinary situation for many of the families out there is that when they need a special bonding time together like having a real relaxing beach getaway for the weekend. It is common that we opt for a beach destination. But, the question is how can we have a luxurious relaxing downtime at the beach if it is crowded? In fact, most of us find it difficult and uncomfortable with a lot of people roaming around and making loud or annoying noises, right?

No worries, your friendly Hof Gorei resort in Davao is a peaceful 24-hectare beach resort with a natural clean stretch of white glistening powdery sand beach. It is surrounded and planted with green chromatic vegetation and nestled on a slight slope which gives you a perfect view of the Davao gulf sea good for island hopping and the majestic Mount Apo. It is an ideal spot for friends, couples and families to capture romantic and memorable scenery of the sunrise and sunset, which shapes up into a treasurable moment for your loved ones.

At Hof Gorei Samal Island Resort everyone is invited. An ambience that feels like your own home, consider it as your second home with your own backyard that has amazing scenery. And as we have mentioned previously, we are here to be flexible with all of the needs of our guests especially if they are concerned about their budget, which can be arranged through our promos and packages. After all, we only exist solely to satisfy our clients with our sincerest service and we humbly guarantee that you will not only spend your money economically; you will also see the true beauty of our island with the treatment of royalty.

We would like to share with you this honest review from our client Cybill Y. that states how laid back our small paradise is. The subject is called “Time stands still” and she said, “It has an exclusive feel! I didn’t expect to go straight to the resort from Sta Ana Wharf. We were greeted with welcome drinks and headed straight to our room after. No more reception areas where you need to fill out forms. Our cabana is right in front of the beach, the one nearest the dock so it felt like we owned the place.

Our bungalow was indeed a tiny house of our own. Very comfortable. I found it amazing as well that we eat our meals on our own terrace. The food wasEXCELLENT. Everything we ordered was great, especially the grilled tuna. Our
personal assistant (sorry, forgot his name) was very helpful without being too intrusive. He can anticipate needs, and is straightforward and timely.

We had our toddler with us but it still felt like our honeymoon. The service is one of the best I have experienced. The place is completely serene that you’ll forget all your worries. This is one of my most favorite vacations ever. Thank you, Hof Gorei! Here are the downsides for the sake of transparency. I am NOT complaining about the following things because the lack of these gave us a disconnect from our busy world and let us completely recharge, or did not affect our experience negatively. I personally never slept so much in one day.

Beach – almost non-existent during high tide, but gave us a good swim in the afternoon because in the morning till noon, the water goes as far back as where the boat stays. Reception – one bar to none; only good at the dock No free bottled water – our PA offered to purchase large ones for us though. No cable TV – only local channels, No wifi – use your data connection near the port, No restaurants nearby – the meal service, and the food itself, is highly exceptional though but a bit pricey-stick to seafood for better value and Pool is too deep – not good for
little kids.”