Hof Gorei Adventures: Activities You Can Do


Hof Gorei is surrounded with life. How would you simply describe and think about your life? In this direction in our humble paradise life is all about adventures and serenity that you can catch and make precious memories out of it. Hence, with open eyes and an open heart gather these moments with us. Ultimately, the important thing as we grow old and come to realize collecting cherished moments with our love ones is greater than weight of gold. As the logical saying goes “These treasured moments are the moments that we will remember for the rest of our lives. Therefore, make them vivid, make them matter and make them count”.

At this moment, if you are searching for a momentous vacation of destination for your family to experience new things and enjoy together, without a doubt Davao is the ideal place for you. A home of diverse natural attractions and lap of picturesque landscapes that provides exciting activities that you can think of.

It does not matter of what type of an adventurer you are—whether it is about exotic food, sports, or nature—there is abundantly something for everyone to love and appreciate—no wonder, every year millions of locals and foreign tourists alike visit our place. Pretty sure by now you are familiar of what Davao is known for, when it comes to fruits. Yes, your visit will not be complete without eating the king of fruits “Durian”.

In fact, our city produces around 80% of this kind of fruit throughout the region—for that reason alone you will find here the cheapest durians available in the market. Furthermore, if you are an extreme exotic kind of foodie adventurer—you might enjoy our roasted crocodile. Similar with durian fruit—it is incorporated with different types of desserts such as pastels, cakes, candies and ice creams that will guarantee to satisfy your colourful appetite.

But then again, the big question still remains—what are the adventurous activities you can do with Beach Hotel and Resort Samal Davao Region? Before we jump into our fun activities—we would like to remind you to take a deep breath and enjoy the beauty of our natural environment—layback, relax and appreciate the calm sea. You may begin your adventure in a subtle way like riding an ATV (All-Terrain Vehicle) around Hagimit falls; island hop your way through a 116 kilometre stretch of unspoiled white sand beaches; or simply have a picnic on a remote island. Whatever your adventure wish is—you can count on us your Hof Gorei family is here to make it happen.