Hof Gorei Samal Beach Resort an Eco-Resorts in IGACOS

What does your friendly family-oriented Hof Gorei uniquely offer? Your Hof Gorei beach resort provides green for power and it is in the midst of the most special serene and harmonious places you can envision. You can say that our place is a natural world that aside from its natural beauty of our environment. You can also witness the variety of tamed animals roaming around our resort such as parrots, turkeys, ducks, cats, goats, dogs, hornbills, chickens, carabaos, and of course the exciting sea creatures that you will discover.

Our vast land area is armed with an organic farm and the chromatic natural garden. They allow you to experience first-hand diverse colorful flora and with small insects which are helpful to the environment such as bees, butterflies, dragonflies, beetles, ladybugs, and fireflies. The reasonable thing to say about this is “Take care of our earth and she will take care of you”. Beyond the luxury of comfort from our amenities, services and world class facilities—what do you think is the best gift we receive from spending time carefully caring for our mother nature?

According to the American Public Health Association (APHA) being close to a natural nature improves our health and wellness. Being in a natural green space benefits from prevention of high blood pressure and an overall stress reliever. In addition, the research in the literature showed that people who walk daily for 15 to 30 minutes are healthier than people who do not exercise and have a lower risk to get cancer, heart attack, and stroke and have a better bone density. Experience a healthier you. Get that positive thought and it will invigorate your spirit and so you can better enjoy those romantic walks. Let Hof Gorei encourage your healthy lifestyle with an eco-friendly environment.

Here you will witness that your sea and mountain is your landscape and your real beautiful world. Hof Gorei supports the campaign of protecting and preserving our nature’s frontier. What is a natural nature frontier? In a simple term, an ecological frontier can be referred to as a boundary of countries of our environment. Be one with Hof Gorei, let us all be responsible, try facing another country by whichever means in any way possible of getting rid properly of our trash that long standing destroys gradually our natural environment. Basically, a nature frontier, is our haven of a place that is away from the harsh pollution of the city with untainted waters with a tropical environment.

We can all agree that being eco-friendly helps not just the environment but also the entire human population. However, the world we evolved into has become a global village of pollution. Where do you think this pollution that has affected our water, air and land comes from? A common problem that we are all aware of who is to blame. Pollution comes from cars, factories, industries, illegal logging and millions of tons of toxic wastes that are irresponsibly thrown every day in our ocean.

What environmental problems do you think will arise if we continue to abuse our mother nature? It could be a long term problem of soil erosion, intensely diminishing our natural resources, spread of unwanted diseases, disasters and impede the quality of our marine life. But, if we take action of being responsible and choose an alternative right path in taking care of our mother nature—there is always hope for making up for the mistakes that we have made and for the natural resources that we have lost.

Once more, being eco-friendly is the key in protecting and preserving our natural environment and resources. What benefits do you get from it? One would be lower cost, purchasing eco-friendly products will cost you less and be good for our environment, healthier lifestyle, sustainability, good quality of life and development of construction ideas; innovation and strategies that are aligned with our environment. Your Hof Gorei family believes that if we rightfully take care of our mother nature—it will produce nothing less and only gives back greatness for us.

Our Samal Island frontier is armed with breathtaking scenery, lush tropical forest, caves, mountains, rivers, cascading waterfalls, pristine white sand beaches, endemic species of sea and land creatures and rich with chromatic sea gardens. We firmly believe that by supporting our Philippine Government Ecotourism programs and doing the proper ways of taking care of our environment will be a great help for our mother nature.

It is our responsibility to do our part by contributing to what is best for our environment. The two basic main concerns in preserving our pristine Samal Island are the proper waste management and best solution for our sewerage system, this will eliminate in ruining our pristine beach fronts and seas, after all water is life.

As a law abiding individual of Davao City or foreign you may simply contribute by being aware of your actions when we are out with nature and respect in enriching our natural environment and culture, for the new generations to witness and experience the beautiful things our little paradise has to offer. “Beach sunsets are proof that endings can be beautiful too.”