Imprint Your Lasting Memories Stay at Hof Gorei Samal Island Resort

Create your lasting impressions only at your family-oriented Hof Gorei Samal Island beach resort. What do you think are the essential experiences of your life that are worth sharing? For instance, the important part of your life is the people you love, the beautiful places you share and the memories you embrace together. In our natural serene shelter it is an ordinary story to tell, you will not realize you’re making priceless memories, you just know you’re having fun. Many of us easily remember the vacation we took when we were children. Briefly, close your eyes and recall the first time you went on a beach vacation with your family. Do you clearly remember where you went and the excitement you felt when you arrived?

Let’s get back to those times. A good example of this would be when you imagine and recall yourself on a boat sailing. While the gentle wind caresses your skin through calm clean sea waters and breathing cool fresh air. Just visualize for a moment if you can visibly see the abundance of marine life beneath you and with a stunning wide view of mountains that encloses you, as if the true beauty of nature speaking back at you and saying that you are truly welcome.

According to a survey and research of Project Time Off, they discovered that most of 62% of adults vividly remember their vacations with their family when they were at a young age. In fact, many of them said that vacation memories with their families are more clear or stronger than remembering their school events or birthdays. Furthermore, the survey also concluded that 76% of the parents admitted that the time and expenses they spend for their family vacations are worth it.

As per one parent said that family vacations “Gave my child experiences that they will remember years down the road.” And they would be right! Children treasure their family vacation memories. In other words, sharing a beach vacation and spending time together with your kids is the key to creating lasting cherished memories with your family and children. You see at our beach it is all about what’s important for you and the people you love.
When you’re at Hof Gorei Resort in Davao, take those lasting shots. You must create beautiful pictures. Let’s be honest, vacations provide you and your family a needed break from the exhausting daily routine of reality. It is also an opportunity of time to yield treasurable lasting memories of images with your loved ones. It is no secret that our island owns world class breathtaking views. Before you click that shot, step back and bear in mind to show the image just how you see it in your own eyes. Meaning, on a practical level—bring your wide angle lens that can capture much of the landscape; scenery shots are great but do not forget those beautiful faces or emotions using a 50mm f/1.4 lens will do the magic which will give you effortless professional quality images.

You’re in for a treat when you’re out with nature, so watch out for wildlife. Grab those smallest details. Capturing those tiniest details seem to be more magical like bugs on a colorful flower or it can be a very small bubble in the wake of the tide. Obviously, while you’re on vacation you have less control over lighting situations. Learn how to shoot in the dark and capture those amazing images at night. One more important thing that you must do when you’re at our beach resort, as our humble small paradise is known for being a family-oriented resort, try to involve everyone in your family to take pictures which is really a great idea for your lovely children.

You will never know that a gentle nudge in enticing them could turn into a lifetime passion with photography. Just don’t be startled that your five year old child takes better photos than you. A great surprise happens only at your trusted Hof Gorei beach resort. It is better to believe as the phrase says in photography “There are no rules for good photographs, there are only good photographs and don’t shoot what it looks like. Shoot what it feels like.” Once again, we would like to share with you this honest review from our valued client that might interest or entice you and she said.

“Contrary to the (negative) reviews I’ve read about this place, Hof Gorei exceeds my expectations. I’ve been to a lot of resorts but this place is one of the “underdogs”. A quiet place for couples, families and friends to unwind. The place even has this “boracay vibes’ ‘ for me. I recommend that you visit this place via boat. (We went there by land and we got scammed by the habal-habal driver) We had our personal butler that accommodated us even though we arrived an hour early. You can dine near the shore line and our butler, Lisa, even arranged a romantic set up. It was a superb experience, the food is quite expensive but the taste surely compensates for it. It was a fine dining-like experience. The room itself is quite good, it was quite homey for me, though the loo is separate from the room. We even had a little balcony outside our hut. The only problem is that the TV is not functioning but I don’t mind it because I’m not there to watch TV. The place needs a bit of landscaping but the ambiance is better than the other resorts I’ve been to and the shoreline is very clean. Overall, I would recommend this place, but don’t forget to bring your own water! I’ll surely be back and maybe get the beachfront cabana.” Trust that only at Hof Gorei you’ll arrive as our guest and leave as our one true family.