Reasons Leaving Your Homes for Hof Gorei

House rules at Hof Gorei beach resort, Davao City, Philippines are the following: love each other, lots of laughs, before saying “no” try to try once everything first, always say please and thank you, always tell the truth, trust in yourself, be respectful, learn to forgive even if it is hard and never stop what you want to do that makes you happy in life.

But, then again, the good thing for you living in our paradise is you can make your own house rules that are close to none. Right! Once in a while, it is better to break your own daily cycle of order. In return, in our shelter you can genuinely enjoy the feeling of being free. Why do you think it is important sometimes to spontaneously sense freedom in our lives? It is all about embracing the natural benefits of our beach tropical environment.

Sometimes, amidst our daily life routine and hectic commitments we unconsciously tend to forget the simple gestures of care we show for our loved ones. As an outcome it makes us vulnerable and weakens our relationship with them. But, don’t be alarmed, the solution is really simple. Would you agree with the statement that love is the food of life and to have a romantic beach vacation is your dessert?

According to an expert about romance, which she said that a relaxing beach vacation is the key for couples to reconnect and remember why they first fell in love. Sure enough, when the words romance, beach, vacation and a simple family bonding are mentioned, without a doubt there is no other paradise haven that is perfect to spend your family beach getaway than our lovely Hof Gorei beach resort.

The reason behind is the calming effect of our beautiful and clean ocean on your mind and body. The sound of the rolling waves that creates a good natural “white noise” effect and warmth of the sun that makes your body and mind feel in a natural state of relaxation.

Visit your own paradise at our secluded small resort and truly experience endless heavenly scenery with true luxury. Staying with us is all about “Hakuna matata” in Swahili that simply translates “There are no troubles” or meaning in a simplercontext is “no worries.” Life is better only at Hof Gorei Resort and Hotel Samal Island, Davao City, Philippines.