Things to Consider when Planning a Romantic Christmas Vacation

Beach Hotel and Resort Samal Davao Region

A special day at Hof Gorei: As we walk hand in hand through a stretch of white sand, I smile like silly when I’m conversing with you. I think it doesn’t matter if it is through phone or in person. I simply smile because it is you. The month of December is coming and the spirit of Christmas which means one thing “Love is in the air” especially for two people who are in their early stage of romance, the perfect romantic time to fall in love and the season for family and friends to gather traditionally.

However, if your anniversary is coming up and I’m sure you want to surprise him/her with something special. In reality to say at least that holidays is a bit hectic, time consuming, expensive, exhausting, and overcrowded. Speaking of which, how will you get that romantic quiet time with your loved one with these season? Probably not, if you don’t plan quickly that romantic Christmas getaway—now here comes the interesting part.

It is an open secret to our regular clients that our serene natural paradise is an ideal shelter for newlyweds, honeymooners, and for couples celebrating their anniversaries to capture that satisfying sweet memorable moments. The remaining question is how will you achieve this? Simple, here are a couple of activities that you might want to share with her: Initially, take on long walks at our pristine white sand beaches; picnic on a top of a hill; candle light dinner along the seashore; a day at our spa; sweet talks at our garden; or explore your way through secluded islands. Whatever your wish may be to have that romantic Christmas vacation with your other half be rest assured that we are here to assist you in everything you may need and it only happens at your romantic resort Hof Gorei.