Understanding the Ecotourism in Hof Gorei, Samal Region

beach Resort Davao City Philippines

What is Ecotourism for Hof Gorei? We simply believe that it goes both ways from educating its guests and community. We must be all responsible in traveling to natural areas of wildlife which our main objective always is to conserve the natural environment and help enhance the welfare of its local people. Yes, the core value of ecotourism is to promote initially the interest of its local community and to provide of what is best for the environment. But then again, what we may not realize is that it also involves in preserving the ancestral traditions and of course sustaining its natural landscape and wildlife.

The keyword is authenticity which is important in preserving the natural beauty of a place. After all, why do you think we visit these pristine remote areas? The reason would be to take a time off from technology and commonly to firsthand experience and learn about the cultures and traditions of its people and its native area. Once more, ecotourism is all about uniting the preservation, communities, and to have a sustainable travel for everyone who means to be able to achieve this is to know about the principles of ecotourism that is important for the people involve.

What are these activities of principles that we must implement? We must create environmental awareness of respect for culture and tradition; we must lessen physical, behavioral, and social impacts; we must implement direct financial benefits for conservation; we must provide positive experiences for both guests and hosts; we must help to generate financial benefits for both the private industry and community.

We must construct and operate environmental friendly facilities; and we must acknowledge the rights and spiritual beliefs of the indigenous people in our community. Hof Gorei resort and hotel Samal Island Davao City, Philippines is your partner to build empowerment for the community to help preserve the natural beauty of our environment.