Where to Taste the Beach Finest at Samal Island

“When a man is a traveler, the world is his house and the sky is his roof, where he hangs his hat is his home, and all the people are his family.” A cliché said.

This is a statement that is undoubtedly true when you’re staying at Hof Gorei beach resort Davao City, Philippines. It usually unveils as soon as you step in our shores, the feel of being comfortable, like at your own home. But, the difference though is the vast tropical beauty of nature that surrounds you, that seems endless with your naked eyes. A surprise that is an accelerating experience for everyone to reach effortlessly, an experience of royalty with your own little paradise and the feel of mystery respecting nature and its natural beauty of life.

In our slightly elevated resort, experience the utmost luxury and one of its kind boutique style islands resort an environment enclosed with thick tropical natural beauty which presents itself with radiant warmth of the sun, where you will achieve the authentic peace and comfort of royalty. Stay at our Pinzgau Chalet, resembling the architecture of a farm house in Salzburg, Austria. One of a kind in our island and only one of the many services of royalty that we provide, majestically cradled on the peak of Hof Gorei beach resort which owns a heavenly like scenery that captures a serene breathtakingly view of the island and the ocean.

A known endorsed beach escape destination especially for the locals of Davao City, that is named by the inhabitants as “Gamay nga Paraiso” (Little Paradise). However, its official name is “Island Garden City of Samal”. If you’re questing for a real paradise, this place is the answer you’ve been longing for, a serene romantic paradise secluded resort, where you can have a quality bonding time with your loved ones. You are warmly welcome anytime to your own little paradise.

Be that as you may, what makes our island a more special place and invitingly paradise is its people. It is a familiar fact throughout the world that Filipinos are the most respectful; kind; friendly; generous and extremely welcoming people you will ever meet. And most of them have the personality of being happy always with a generous real smile that greets every visitor warmly. Treat yourself a relaxing beach paradise escape in our beautiful small island and experience it with royalty only at your trusted Hof Gorei resort and hotel Samal Island, Davao City,