Where You Can Spend Your Festival Season at Hof Gorei Samal Island Resort


Where is the Island Garden City of Samal located and what kind of festivals do they celebrate? There is so much beauty to be found in Samal Island and the little Talikud Island in the Davao Gulf, from the merger of previous districts of Samal, Babak, and Kaputian. Samal is a piece of the Metropolitan Davao zone and is two kilometers from Davao City, the biggest city and the essential monetary focus of Mindanao. The name Samal was derived from the Sama-Bajau people groups, the locals who were the primary occupants of the island. The principal datu in the island was Datu Taganiyug, a local of what is presently Peñaplata, today the administration focal point of the city.

Before, the general population of the island named a place about what was said put known. For instance, the name Peñaplata was derived from “piña” or pineapple in view of the plenitude of pineapple in the zone. This, be that as it may, is people’s historical underpinnings, for peñaplata actually signifies “shake of silver” in Spanish. Tagpopongan is the primary barangay in the island whose name was from “tagpo” or meet. It was allegedly attributable to the way that this place was picked by the datus as their gathering place. The word Samal was likewise known before on the grounds that it was ordinarily utilized as surname by datus.

Thanksgiving and festivals are the holidays of peace on our small serene beautiful paradise island. It connotes the celebration of hard work, abundant harvest and the simple life within a natural nature. An authentic folk festival that speaks the true poetry of the turn of the seasons, the beauty of seed time and harvest, the ripe product of the year and the deep,deep connection of all these things with God. How does a scenario of scenery sound in your head with a place that provides both being a tropical paradise and at the same time celebrates multitude festivities annually? Sounds exciting, right? Your family-oriented Hof Gorei Resort in Davao is where you want to be. Your own peaceful coastal peaceful paradise located at the heart of Davao Gulf. Your one true haven of solace in an unspoiled natural environment—a great quest for adventure and extreme challenges with nature.

Your own special place combined with chromatic attractions in celebrating its colorful heritage, history and its beautiful affectionate people. The festivities in our place are commonly rich in every barangay like the Sto. Niňo Parish of Kaputian that yearly celebrates their founding anniversary. A whole day event that solemnly begins with a holy mass receiving faith and sharing an abundant feast that everyone is involved in preparing the food. But, officially there are three grand main festivals held in our little paradise, namely: Kabasan Festival, White Nights Festival and Hugyaw Madayaw Festival.

In the native dialect of the Sama locals of Samal Island, Kabasan means seashells. It is celebrated in the last week of May and features bikini open contests, fireworks display, street-dancing, street parties, and motocross events. A complete week celebration of thanksgiving for the bounties of the sea which the islanders are gifted upon. On the other hand, Hugyaw Madayaw Festival is a three day celebration filled with fun, games, music, dances and presentation of cultural practices of the Sama tribe participated by the lumads (natives) and other locales. One of the main events of Hugyaw Madayaw Samal is the “Sayaw-sayaw sa Todak” which todak means a musical instrument and props or accent made of bamboos used by the Sama tribe when plating rice, harvesting, thanksgiving, during wedding anniversaries and other special occasions. It is usually presented during dusk as a culmination and always followed by the search for the Byaneng (Mutya) ng Samal. It is a beauty pageant where beautiful island ladies will do ethnic/Sama inspired costumes with a headdress made of indegenous materials. Hugyaw Madayaw Samal Festival is an attempt to preserve the Sama culture which is gradually diminishing.

So, what are you waiting for? Celebrate your colorful festive spirit season only at Hof Gorei! “Peace on earth will come to stay, when we live Christmas every day.” Here’s one recent honest review from our valued client Esyrahlyn from Australia, the subject is called “Amazing Getaway” and she said, “The toilet was downstairs from our hut house but I was informed that they are going to renovate and move the toilet/shower in line with the hut. I really love the location and the service of every staff was commendable. The owner was kind and really nice to the guest. Staying at Hof Gorei was an experience worth remembering. Being away from the hustle and bustle of the city was great, it’s really good to feel that we are surrounded by nature’s best gifts. I felt so refreshed and wished that we stayed a bit longer