Hof Gorei The Best Place for Fun Filled Summer

Finally! Summer is only a month away here in the Philippines and without a doubt every family here has already started their planning for their most awaited beach escapade. Aside from the adults, the young ones especially are the most excited souls when summertime is fast approaching.  This is simply because it’s their time to take a brief break from those wearying school responsibilities and projects.

In fact, in every person’s childhood memory as most of us might have experienced it, the easiest treasured memory to recall is when their dads bring them randomly to the beach and playing sand castles with them.  This generates a feeling of being secured and loved as a child. Moreover, experts research concluded that having a beach vacation with family, helps children to feel rejuvenated, energized and above all to have the needed quality time with their love ones which repeatedly creates a long lasting memorable memory.     

Hof Gorei would like to share a couple of simple facts that naturally makes a beach getaway experience complete, fun, feeling really happy and as if you’re on the top of the world. Hair gets tangled and lighter; skin has tan lines and becomes darker; water pleasantly becomes warmer; salty air; music of nature gets louder; nights becomes longer; and to accumulate it all, life gets better. Every summer beach vacation has its own different great story behind it. This coming summer, what kind of memorable story would you like to share with your better half and children?

Create a lasting memory with your family only at Hof Gorei beach resort, where you can experience limitless service of luxury from our courteous staff and world-class facilities. An ambience filled with serenity; naturally close to nature and our humble little paradise island will be your playground for boundless fun family activities. Come now visit us and discover a new priceless memory.