Butler Service

Guests can experience warm, island-style hospitality, and service from our friendly resort team. Aside from keeping the resort running smoothly, our team is always ready to address any concern with a smile, lend a helping hand, or offer any advice or information needed. The Team is on hand to familiarize guests with the many amenities and facilities of the resort, as well as to plan and schedule the guests’ chosen activities for each day.

What Your Hof Gorei Butler can do you for you:

Upon Arrival, your Butler will

  • Greet you with delicious cocktails and wonderfully-scented cool damp towels at the dock to refresh you from your boat trip
  • Escort you to your suite and coordinate luggage handling.
  • Provide you with all information regarding the resort amenities and activities
  • Ask you about your dining preferences and specification
  • Provide you a bell to call for them on any urgent matter or assistance

During your stay, your Butler will

  • Set up your preferred dining area at your preferred time
  • Attend to your needs while at the beach and pool such as taking photos, serving food, etc
  • Ensure that your suite is kept clean and arranged the way you like it
  • Ensure that you always have a clean towel and new set of toiletries
  • Expedite all room service orders
  • Do your laundry and press your clothes
  • Do errands for you in the island’s nearest town
  • Escort you on an island-hoping
  • Set up a romantic bonfire under the starry night

Upon check out, your Butler will

  • Remind you of the boat’s departure time
  • Facilitate bills payment
  • Carry all your luggage and secure them in the boat
  • Escort you to the dock and bid farewell