Connecting with Samal Island’s Nature: Stay at Hof Gorei

The usual vision when someone says the word “beach” is that mostly everyone would probably think of a sunny day, sand, salty taste, fruity cocktail and rolling waves. However, your Hof Gorei family beach resort in Davao thinks of it more deeply and the word “unique” comes into play. In other places, beaches come in different shapes and colours for example the Unique glass beach of California; Maldives Beach that looks like a starry night sky; Pink sand beach of Bahamas; Green and black sand beaches of Hawaii; Red sand beach of Galapagos or perhaps the shell beach of Australia.

Amazingly, with these beautiful unique beaches, you can also enjoy the island’s nature. Every beach in that place owns an extraordinary God-given gift of a natural environment. On our island one common exciting thing you would
experience is our stretch of endless crystal powdery white sand beaches and the immeasurable surprises of nature that awaits you to discover like island hopping.

When you decide to reconnect with nature, you will not need to go far. Your very own Samal Island resort will put you under a clear spiritual positive spell for you to imbue and appreciate the beauty of our own exotic locale. What will you expect to experience with our nature? Be prepared for an adventurous pleasant encounter with immaculate white sand beaches, lush green vegetation environment, dark color blue sea, chromatic diving sites and untouched flora and fauna. All year long will be a perfect time for you to visit our tropical paradise island and be one with nature only at Hof Gorei.

Here’s one simple review from our client tommac63 and he said “This place is a little off the beaten track but the serenity is worth it. A nice garden like environment leading up to a hill with a spectacular view of Mt. Apo. A spring fed swimming pool. A clean, white sand beach with tables tastefully spaced. Very good food and very good service.”

“Everytime I stand before a gorgeous beach, the hissing sound of the waves from the shores seem to whisper to me. If you choose the simple things in life and find the joy in nature’s simple treasures, life and living need not be so difficult.”