Hof Gorei Samal Island Resort Every Adventurer Wish to Stay

The veteran or experienced explorers would always say that the real adventure of people in life doesn’t have to be always about hanging on cliffs and mountains. Adventure is all about having a positive attitude that we must apply in our daily lives in conquering those obstacles and if happiness is your goal and it should be, then adventure should be your priority. The ideal place for you in these precarious times wherein is only at your family-oriented Hof Gorei beach resort.

It is an open secret that the best way to have an authentic adventure with our little blissful paradise is to go local. Ultimately, in these times we’re always cooped up in our homes and the reason for us to have a relaxing vacation is to have a break from our exhausting daily routine and at the same time to create new exciting and fun memories with our loved ones. The ideal thing to do is to know where, when, what and why the locals indulge in these activities or dine in these particular locations. In fact, a wise old man once said “Don’t just tell your children about the world. Show them.”

Favorably for all our visitors, our island is peaceful and Filipinos are naturally the kindest people you will ever meet. Once in a while, out of the blue, we would want to wander around in a new place without a plan or destination. Your simple way of having a real adventure to explore and discover new things that are unfamiliar to you and the best way to do it are through trail walking or running. You’re venturing off on that steep path to go explore where probably some people have never seen and the willingness of getting lost and only finding the right way again, that’s real creativity and adventure for you.

But then again, here are some essential safety tips before you run off to our shorelines or within our wilderness and beyond: Wear proper clothing; Get your muscles loose, stretch before you trek; Drink lots of water before and after your run; Inform or travel with someone; Bring a first aid kit; Know your physical limitations; Check and be aware of the trail conditions; Bring energy power bars; Bring a map in case you would want to explore further; Keep an eye on the weather; heed warning signs and keep your distance with wild animals.

Moreover, at your trusted Hof Gorei beach resort, your good times don’t end. In fact, in our small island all year long, the weather is like summer with cool sea breeze, sunny days and tons of adventurous activities of fun to choose from. So, the moment you have a time off from your busy schedule or work. Make it your next trip on a beach vacation with us.

In our resort you’ll not only experience a relaxing beach vacation by a vast blue body of water, peaceful tropical environment and enjoyable adventurous activities. You will also be treated with a luxury of royalty treatment that our valued clients take pleasure during their stay with us. To be honest with you, here’s a sincere review from our valued client that we would like to share with you and she said “We came to the resort from Davao on Dec 30 and stayed for 5 nights:

“This part of the island is very serene, peaceful and calming, just a perfect escape from the noise and stresses. The cottages of different types are located on the beachfront, in the garden and on the hills. We stayed in a cabana, located near the lake with fishes and geese. All rooms are not only stylish comfortable, but also are very well maintained. Bed linen is of good quality and very clean. There is an in house dining available with delicious fresh food. Breakfast and lunch/dinner is served on the beach with stunning views! Service is great and the stuff is very pleasant.”

“We also celebrated the New Year on the island – the gracious and charming owner – Mrs Kroell, made the celebration unforgettable thanks to the fireworks and generous dinner offered to the guests and staff. Even the flutes of sparkling champagne. There are plenty of singing birds around and even a toucan flying around! The stars are bright at night and nature is awesome. We absolutely adored the Hof Gorei and our butler, Joelle, who was taking care of us during the whole stay. We will definitely come back to this paradise resort.”

Furthermore, the good news about spending more time on a serene oceanic environment is that according to a new study by Michigan State University, seeing a lot of blue spaces contributes to lower levels of psychological distress. It also helps that in our resort as you step on our shores, you will be greeted and welcomed with genuine smiles. Ordinarily, our attentive staff have the common traits of being polite, helpful, honest, and kind-hearted, that you will need to have a relaxing luxurious stay with us. Only at Hof Gorei creates you a feeling like being at your own home with a stunning incomparable view.