Unique Set up: A Dream for Every Traveler at Hof Gorei Samal Island Resort

“I want to take a breath, taste the salt water, smell the currents and see gliding fishes. Drown me under your waves where I see a sky underwater. Make me escape in your lovely paradise. I’m stepping into the break where ocean meets shore and your waves push me into the peaceful deep.”- Cheyenne Raine

This is a brief literal expression describing your friendly Hof Gorei beach resort for island hopping. Yes, we are armed with a serene beautiful environment, flexible service and untainted nature for you to enjoy. But, the question still remains, what makes our place special? It is simple to say that our small paradise is slightly elevated on a hill, overlooking a 360-degree spectacle of its natural breathtaking scenery of its sea and mountain which makes it uniquely incomparable.

However, we are most proud of our Hof Gorei staff family that make it special by giving their utmost service with an authentic smile to all our valued clients. Speaking of service, it begins with the basics to make our resort a pleasant haven for every traveler like being clean in every spot of the resort, unique variety style of cottages, and relaxing aroma of our rooms, adequate safety/security, comfortable beds, bathroom plumbing, attentive phone service, adequate lighting and a variety of authentic delicious Filipino dishes.

In pursuit to make our important clients at bliss every time they visit your Hof Gorei family oriented beach resort. Here’s one explicit review that we would like to share with you. The subject is called “Unforgettable Experience” and she said, “Where to being with. It was possibly the best Samal island experience we ever had. And this was only our 2nd time in Samal, whereas I thought the first one was unmatchable when we went there shortly after getting married.

This had being a long overdue revisit to the island garden of Samal and wife & I wanted to try something different so we opted Hof Gorei. And a fine difference they turned out to be. Hof Gorei is a beautiful island resort situated on the south west of the island built on a mountain or should I say plateau that gives you quite a workout going up and down if you’re staying in the upper rooms. But it also gives you a finer ocean view the higher you go.From the moment we booked to the time of our arrival and boarding of their shuttle boat, Mr. Rhomil’s best guidance and advices, and also trouble shooting of situation where he advised to move our date a day ahead due to the storm was all superbly done.

Their unique personal butler style is a cherry on top amongst all the other facilities and amenities the resort offers. To start with they facilitated us by moving our reservation a day ahead due to the storm. They rescheduled our pick up shuttle at a later time after we missed the first boat. We got a free upgrade as it was our wedding anniversary on the day we reached Hof Gorei Resort in Davao. We got a beach cabana which as the name suggests is right at the beach. This was done to also facilitate our 2 kids as they noted would be quite a hassle for us if we
were given a room on the higher level that we originally booked. They even surprised us with a lovely anniversary decor in our room to which the wife couldn’t stop blushing.

And our butlerette, the cheerful Lang Lang made friends with our children the moment we arrived and also made sure all our needs and requests were met. From turndown service to food orders to setting up of the table for each meal,
she ran each errand with joy and pride. It’s also one of the best unique style of this resort that the guests can request to have their meals almost anywhere they want. Anywhere on the resort.

Speaking of food, the choices on the menu, the taste and presentation was all perfect. We even had the privilege of meeting and sitting down for a chat with the resort’s owner. She’s a warm hearted lady and very well informed. Hof Gorei gave us an island resort experience which will never be forgotten.” We aim for the consistency of good and sincere service so that we can build a sensible relationship with our valued clients. Choose peace and happiness only at Hof Gorei beach resort.